Captain Grant Corbin Sr.

Captain Grant Corbin Sr.

9898 Deal Island Rd
Deal Island, MD 21821

Grant Corbin Sr. is a 3rd generation waterman and has spent 52 years in the commercial fishing industry harvesting crabs, oysters, rockfish, and eels. He has harvested all over the Chesapeake Bay, especially around Smith Island, Deal Island, Crisfield, Hooper's Island, Solomon's Island, Manokin and Tilghman Island.  A seasoned speaker, Grant gives presentations about the Chesapeake Bay and the watermen's way of life to university students and the general public.

Captain Corbin is dedicated to providing visitors with a look inside the life of a Chesapeake Bay watermen family.  Your trip will start in the crab shedding house where Mrs. Corbin will explain the ins and outs of the soft shell crab industry—how to shed them, clean them, and wrap them up for sale.  You will even get to pick out a few to take home with you for dinner.  After hearing about the soft-shell market you will head out with Captain Corbin for an hour and a half onboard his boat, Lady Ellen.  While onboard you will hear the wonderful stories of a Chesapeake Bay watermen who has spent his life on the waters surrounding Deal Island.  You will also be put to work pulling, dumping, and baiting pots and culling crabs.  At the end of the day you’ll head back to the slip with crabs to take home and share with your friends.  Captain Corbin can also combine these experiences with overnight trips to Smith Island in order to provide guests with a weekend-long Chesapeake Bay experience.  Call Captain Corbin at 443-783-8835 or 410-784-2218 to plan your trip.

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