Butch and Macy Walters

Butch and Macy Walters

Elden Willing Rd.
Chance, Maryland 21821
410-430-6788 or 410-430-6261

Butch and Macy Walters have been surrounded by watermen heritage for their entire lives. Macy grew up working on her father’s boat, while Butch began his life-long career on the water at age fourteen. With Macy originally from Tilghman Island and Butch born and raised on Deal Island, they have been making a waterman’s living together for over thirty years. Raising a family surrounded by the crabbing industry, Butch and Macy are very proud of their lives on the Chesapeake Bay.

In the summers, Butch works the water to catch soft shell crabs while Macy manages the shanty. In the winters, they dredge for oysters together. The Walters offer a hands-on tour of their soft shell crab shanty, allowing you to see the process from boat, to shedding floats, culling by size, and packaging to ship elsewhere. Visit them on the good ol’ Eastern Shore and let Butch and Macy share their stories with you.



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