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Watermen Heritage Tours


Now considered an endangered Maryland icon, watermen are intertwined with the unique identity of the Chesapeake Bay, influencing its history, culture, and economy. Watermen Heritage Tours offera a rare glimpse into their way of life. More than entertaining, these authentic experiences are helping to preserve a culture and continue a Chesapeake Bay tradition.

Here you can find tours on the water and on the land, as well as speakers and presentations, all of which will tell you more and take you into the world of the Chesapeake waterman. Enjoy a sunset sail aboard an historic skipjack or try your hand at trotlining and take home your own crabs - it's all here on the beautiful Chesapeake Bay!


 "I've lived in Maryland all my life, 
but I've never experienced 
the Bay like this before!" 
- Emily

You Can Help

Watermen Heritage Tours is a project of a partnership formed by the Chesapeake Conservancy, Coastal Heritage Alliance, Maryland Watermen’s Association, and the Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum. The partners have trained more than 100 watermen in heritage tourism and maintain this website to help them publicize their tours.

Money you contribute here goes to support the website and provide training. It is maintained in a separate fund by the Chesapeake Conservancy.